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MC Blue:  100%  Veggie for you

It’s  becoming more and more frequent that I feel guilty when I eat meat or fish!  Why is this?  It is  the pressure of society?  Is it because my friends and acquaintances increasingly become vegetarian or go vegan?  Maybe it's my awareness of all the media attention on this theme.  And now I realise what the consequences of "eating animals" mean.  You hear more often of the impact on the environment and the agony of the animals who are going to be slaughtered.  As if slaughtering the animal is  not bad enough,  there are people who let these animals unnecessary suffer in their final hours.  I would do the same to those people!  These animals can not defend himself,  that makes them weaker than men but that's no reason to mistreat the animal.

To be honest,  I like to eat a tasty steak with French fries.  I would be sad if I never again would be “allowed” to eat this,  like a vegetarian or vegan.  I probably would not be sustainable enough to banish fish and meat completely out of my life.  That is why I am a semi-vegetarian. But I have enormous respect for the people who can do this!  Often these people are animal lovers and they don’t eat meat as a matter of principle.  Some religions don’t allow meat. Some people with health isseus.  I know that there are enough meat substitutes.  When you go to the butcher or to  the supermarket,  you’ll find many types of meat.  In my village there is now a local farmer who started to slaughter and sell  his own cows and calves.  In Belgium it is rare,  we usually buy our meat from the shop.   I think this is a good thing because you order your meat in advance and the farmer will slaughter a cow on the basis of these orders.  So there is no overproduction of meat anymore.  Also, these cows are well taken care off and they receive no hormones, water or other unnecessary things injected for the consumer and are therefore healthier.  I thought it was a very good thing for me and my family, that this farm-butcher's shop had opened in my neighborhood,  and so overproduction would be stopped. 

But ....  Now I feel guilty!  The grassland where the cows graze is located a few hundred meters from my house.  I pass there often.  The cows have such beautiful colors and the calves look so cute.  Because I and many other people from the neighborhood get their meat from this farmer,  I saw the cows decreasing weekly.  I can’t stand the realization that I myself am responsible for these cows slaughtering.  Even though the meat is delicious,  I can not live with the fact that I am partly responsible that Bella (the beautiful light brown cow) will be killed  tommorrow because I want a tasty piece of steak on my plate.  You maybe think, that it is hypocritical because if I buy meat at the grocery store,  there is also a cow killed.  Yes,  you're right,  that is true.  But in the supermarket  the meat you see is less personal of course,  if they showed pictures of the slaughtered animals,  there would be fewer people who would buy meat.  I have become much more aware of the consequences of eating fish and meat.  That let to the conclusion that I and my family now eat fish or meat three times a week.  While we used to eat fish or meat on a daily basis.  Is this enough effort for the environment and towards species?  No.  But it's a start!   And if everyone would do this there would be less fish and animals bred and killed.  So if you also want to eat less fish or meat, here is my good advice for you:  before you buy that tasty piece of meat, look at a picture of the cute animal which was slaughetered. Or take a walk through at a slaughterhouse ...  You will lose your appetite.  

For this months theme I have been looking for meat replacements.   The flowers "burgers" look tasty!  Soon for sale at MC DO....  No it’s just a joke,  but the artworks are really for sale!  So contact me!

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Artwork features:

Only one made of this artwork.

Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin

Dimentions: 80 CM x 60 CM

Autographedcertificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive

Price in Euro: € 1800  shipment included

Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork: Came2leon@gmail.com

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