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An enjoyable time approaches...

Celebrations like eg. Halloween, Sint Nicholas, Christmas and New Year follow each other.

At most locations in the world and in different cultures these celebrations go along with a lot of food, tasty drinks and having fun together.  Often, they involve many toys and gifts for our kids/youth.  Around the world a tremendous amount of money will be spent in the coming months, on stuff which doesn’t benefit our children really.  And with “benefit” I mean things they really need, on which their lives depend.  Like nutrition, water or education.  Even this is far from your bed... it doesn’t make it less critical !!  Hence I want to reach out to all parents of children who have sufficient food and drinks, who can go to school daily (even they may not like it always), who can play with their toys every day or can play games on their smart phones or pc.  Instead of buying multiple for your beloved son or daughter, you could do with one less and donnate the saving to PLAN BE.  I understand that people are scepticle and think that transfering some money on this bank account will not benefit the real lives of the affected children...  But is exactly the money that makes the difference.  Believe me, your money gets spent really well!  And it’s an easy way for you to give a present to these children.

Donation can be easily made on the website of

THIS YEAR, GIVE A PRESENT TO A PLAN INTERNATIONAL CHILD !!  Like this there can be a party for everybody.

Myself, I have been donnating monthly 25€ to PLAN.BE for 16 years and have supported three plan children and their families.  This has led to education and a good health support for them.  I am a mother of 18 years old daughter.  When she will move out to live on her own in some years, I surely will adopt some more PLAN CHILDREN.  I am proud to be a PLAN PARENT!  Hopefully you will become one too!

With these artworks I will definitely make an extra donnation to PLAN.BE.  So I will donnate half of the selling price of my exclusive artwork from November 2017 to PLAN BE.

Not convinced yet?? Read then the facts and year reports of PLANINTERNATIONAL.BE




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Artwork features:

Only five made of this artwork.

Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin

Dimentions: 60 CM x 60 CM

Autographedcertificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive

Price in Euro: € 1000  per piece shipment included

Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork:

of 0032 475 21 80 90

You can pay by PAYPAL or Bank transfer


Bic  AXABBE22 

Iban  BE89 7506 7908 9785