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Mother Earth provides us with all major basic elements to survive on this planet.  The colours blue, white, green, and brown in the artwork represent the water, ice, nature and land.  Around the planet Earth one can see the atmosphere, which is necessary for human existence. Throughout the centuries mankind has developed many things for his own wellbeing.  For expressing richness and power, more and bigger products have been built.  Because of this, in a sense, we have started to punish Mother Earth by assaulting the natural balance.  Without compassion and awareness of what we destroy, we make her so sick that she sometimes bursts out.  So we can see through the regular natural disasters.  Because nature always restores the balance.  The sicker she becomes, the worse the end result will be for ourselves and nature.  In my artwork you can see Mother Earth in good shape and in balance.  Will this unique sight ever be something we can only desire?  Is sobriety and reflection mandatory to assure the existence of Mother Earth?



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Artwork features:

Only one piece created and available
Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin
Dimentions: 60 CM x 60 CM
Autographedcertificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive
Price in Euro: € 1800 shipment included
Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork: Came2leon@gmail.com of 0032 475 21 80 90 
You can pay by PAYPAL or Bank transfer