Unique artwork

This unique artwork together with the five limited artworks constitute one theme, namely 

Body and soul

Sexual attraction is quite often a start for relationships, and has a vast importance during a relationship.  This is a basic idea exposed in this artwork.  Physical attraction represents a significant interest for partners.  Luckily, its definition differs for everybody in less or greater extent.  Here lies the opportunity for everyone to be attractive, which in the first place requires to respect and take care of yourself, and your body.

Your body is your totem pole! Your own sanctuary that is worshipped by yourself but also by your partner. You often have recurring rituals to keep your body beautiful and fit.

In addition, matching personalities are a cornerstone for good relationships.  This theme I have pictured in my artwork too.  Whether you believe that personalities are given by nature, or through nurture, they shall somehow be compatible between partners.  It is good to acknowledge that a strong and clear personality is considered attractive rather than a vague and ambiguous one.  This knowledge shall motivate everyone to develop themselves true to their soul, and yet become more attractive and successful.

This artwork is unique because the four limited edition artworks are merged in one piece to represent the body and the soul.

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Artwork features:

Only one piece created and available
Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin
Dimentions: 80 CM x 80 CM 
Autographedcertificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive
Price in Euro: € 2100 shipment included
Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork: Came2leon@gmail.com of 0032 475 21 80 90 
You can pay by PAYPAL or Bank transfer