Exclusive edition 

Newton said we build to many walls and not enough bridges. 
The quote of this famous scientist is a hot topic today's global discussions.
In any case the Luis I bridge is important as it connect the old city of Porto to the new city of Gaia.  
The famous port wine which has the same name as the city, is in fact stored and bottled in the city of Gaia.  
A nice example of a co-operation between two cities connected by the bridge.
Next to the port wine is the Azulejo tile also a typical product from Portugal.  
This artwork is a view of the old city of Porto from the banks of the Villa Nova de Gaia, and consists of 2 pieces.  
When placed next to each other, an image of glasses appears.  
I want to express the importance of “learning to see” beauty in life. 
Therefore I have turned the artistic Luis I bridge into glasses through which you can see the Azulejo tile and the old city image.  
Azulejo’s are characteristic for decoration in Portugal and turn buildings into remarkable beauties.  
By combining the Azulejo tile with the image of the old city and with the glassess, an extremely nice and unique view of Porto has been created.  
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Artwork features:
Only one artwork created but consists of 2 pieces
Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin
Dimentions: two times 120 CM x 80 CM ( total = 240 CM x 80 CM)
Autographed, certificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive
Price in Euro: € 1950 per piece and shipment included (€3900 complete)
Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork: Came2leon@gmail.com of 0032 475 21 80 90 
You can pay by PAYPAL or Bank transfer