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As the current year is approaching its end, we tend to have many celebrations.  On an individual basis, we experience them from different perspectives and degrees.  Are we happy with the year that has passed?  Have we learned or achieved anything?  Have we enjoyed it?  What do we expect from the future?  Do we plan to change anything, or just keep old habbits?  Are we looking forward to, or are we afraid of the next episode in life?  Will things get better for us?  Do we escape at present, from the past and the future?  Or are we simply enjoying the moment in life?

This artwork presents the past, present and future, which are ingredients of the end-of-year celebrations.  These are differently experienced by different people.  There may be happiness, sadness, hope, fear, satisfaction, insufficiency, and many more emotions, relating to the past, the present and the future. 

These three elements are not solely characteristics of the annual end-of-year celebrations.  As a matter of fact, they are the ingredients of our everydays lifes.  Each day, we may reflect on the previous one, build expectations for the future day, and cease the present day.  Every day, we can cherish the past, enjoy the present, and await the best that is yet to come.

Happy 2018 to you all, and enjoy every single day of it ! 


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Artwork features:

Only one made of this artwork.

Photo on alu-dibond finished with golden details and handpoured epoxy resin

Dimentions: 120 CM x 80 CM

Autographed, certificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive

Price in Euro: € 2500  shipment included

Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork: Came2leon@gmail.com of 0032 475 21 80 90

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