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Fame: Heaven or Hell

Lately appearing in the news more frequently, famous people who have died due to an overdose or due to suicide.  Last month, there was the sad suicide committed by the lead singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington. As well as his good friend Chris Cornell, who did the same two months ago, these two superstars have decided themselves to abandon life.  Although each year about 800,000 people die through suicide (source WHO.2016), it has more impact in case of a celebrity.  Often suicide goes together with depression.  For long depression was a taboo but luckily, nowadays it can be talked about in public.  People have a greater understanding for it, and symptoms are noticed more often, of which a burn-out at the workplace is an example.  Despite that a depression is tough and obstinately, there are a lot of people that can offer help, which is not always understood when being depressed.  One can apply to a doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a self-aid group, and not to forget, the partner, family and friends.

As a celibrity you have got almost no private life or privacy anymore.  There is always somebody around who has contemplated something, and people expose opinions about everything.  It appears that when someone raises to an idol status, this person becomes property of everybody.  All can have their opinion and can express their opinion about the idol.  This surely goes too far... Imagine sitting in the metro and you don’t like the travel bag of the girl opposite to you,  you wouldn’t express your opinion to her, would you?   Maybe this is also a reason why the list of celibrities, who died by suicide or overdose, gets longer.

This artwork shows the bright side of fame but also the difficult dark side, and the cross to be carried daily by some of the superstars.  

With this work I would like to remember all famous people who have died in the past years.  Rest In Peace, you’ll be missed.

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Artwork features:

Only five artworks made of.
Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin
Dimentions: 80 CM x 60 CM
Autographedcertificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive
Price in Euro: € 1150 shipment included

The revenue of this first artwork I donate to an organization that helps persons with suicidal tendencies.  More info and direct donation possibilities are availabl through this link:   

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