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The jungle

Only 6% of the earth’s surface is jungle these days.  Yet, you can find half of all animal species in the jungle because it provides the exact amount of water, light, and nutrition.  There are also more plants than anywhere else on earth, because new plants develop on the branches of ancient trees.  The plants live here because they can absorb sufficient light.  Convenient as well is that the jungle produces its own weather.  Each day, water vapour rises, which comes from the leafs of trees through evaporation.  This moisture accumulates in clouds that will burst and produce a rain shower as a consequence.

In Madagascar the jungle is over-crowded.  90 % of the animals never put a foot on the soil.  They compete each day for food and space in the upper crowns of the forest.  Also the jungle of Ecuador is very busy.  There are more than 100 species of hummingbirds.  In the jungle of Brazil the tree trunks stand in the water during a part of the year because of the massive rainfall.  Only in 2014 it had been discovered that river dolphins swim between these trees.  These Araguaia dolphins can only be found here.  In fact, little is known about the animals that live in this part of the jungle, as giant surfaces have not yet been explored. 

In this work of art you can see the green colors of the jungle and you can discover yourself many unknown species.

Source: Planet Earth 2 BBC 

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Artwork features:

Only one piece created and available
Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin
Dimentions: 80 CM x 60 CM 
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