Limited edition


It is human nature to read others by their appearance.  When communicating between people, also faces are looked at to grasp the other one’s perception.  But faces don’t tell everything.  As a matter of fact, they can hide the personality, they can block what’s in the mind, they can pretend the opposite of what’s in the heart.  The faces in this work therefore are bit vague, to demonstrate the hidden things. You can’t fully read the faces, you can only see they are different shapes.  These differnt shapes could either mean that the persons behind them are really different or just appear to be different.  They represent the hidden.

This limited edition exists out of five pieces, each in a differend pastel color. Available colors are purple, bleu, green, pink and beige. 

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Artwork features:

Only one artwork made per color. A total of five pieces. (sold separately)
Photo on alu-dibond finished with handpoured epoxy resin
Dimentions: 80 CM x 80 CM
Autographedcertificate of authenticity and identity card inclusive
Price in Euro: € 1100 per piece shipment included 
Please contact me if you want to buy this artwork: 
of 0032 475 21 80 90 
You can pay by PAYPAL or Bank transfer