Concept and Logo

Choose Life is more than just a slogan!  Choose Life represents the concept for the artwork that Came2Leon creates.

Life is the most precious value humans possess, beautiful through many different small things, yet full of contrasts to deal with, and unique for everybody to explore.

Came2Leon links its artwork to the art of life.  Common objects and sceneries, often elements of nature, are the basis for the pieces of art.  The artist digitally transforms the pictures into new images, which hold beauty by its first appearance.  In addition the transformations deliver images that keep fascinating, and that are to be discovered by the viewer.  The epoxy resin layer provides the picture with a glossy surface which re-enforces the colours, adds charisma and ensures durability.  Came2Leon applies the epoxy resin by hand.  Through this handcraft it is possible to include subtle and unique imperfections, which results in unique pieces of artwork that will help us to relate to our own lives.  Life is to be lived and loved at the fullest, making choices to enjoy its greatness and facing any deceptions and misfortunes.  After all, life is full of surprises, either good or bad.

With your Came2Leon piece of art YOU choose life!